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Tails of The City is dedicated to supporting your dog’s socialization and activity levels so they enjoy greater vitality and health. Sure, sometimes you’re able to take your dog for raging adventures, but when you can’t we are there!

We’ve been doing this a long time, and we’ve seen many times over how our work with dogs improves the lives of families. Not surprisingly, our pack outings improve the lives of the dogs, too, as they tend to live longer, more robust lives. For us, it's incredibly rewarding to know that we have positively impacted the families we serve.

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Small dog playgroups

Small dogs live large when you give them their own group.

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Adventure walks

Off leash playtime in the parks, beaches and other open spaces.

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Training walks

Some dogs need extra time to get ready for playgroups.

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We offer group outings to local parks such as Fort Funston, Stern Grove,Golden Gate Park and Ocean Beach . Our group walks are at least one full hour in duration and this doesn’t include travel time to and from the park. We hand pick and carefully screen our groups so that your dog can benefit from the maximum amount of fun each day.

5 DAYS $26    •    4 DAYS $28    •    2-3 DAYS $30

Small dog playgroups

We believe in giving smaller dogs their own dedicated group for both safety and fun. It is easy to overlook a small dogs needs when managing big dogs at the same time. Our small dog groups make it possible for the littles to express themselves more fully and for a walker to give them the maximum attention and care. They just have more fun when they not with dogs several times their size. This group is also great for your senior pups that need a more gentle outing as well. 

5 DAYS $26    •     4 DAYS $28    •    2-3 DAYS $30

Training Walks

Some dogs are ready for a playgroup from day one while others need more time to get used to a new situation. For these dogs we slow down and give them a more gentle on ramp to our playgroups.  Typically, within a week or two the dog is confident and ready to meet some buddies to play with.

$ 20 FOR 20 MINUTES / $ 30 FOR 40 MINUTES

Puppy Visits

While many services require your dog to be over 6 months before they will work with you, WE LOVE PUPPIES!  Our puppy visits will give you the peace of mind that you new family member has a chance to potty and get some loving while you are at work. Once your puppy has had all of their shots, we can intergrate them into a playgroup. 

$ 20 for 20 minutes / $ 30 for 40 MINUTES


3809 Noriega Street,
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